In order to recover the activity, different requirements and procedures are indicated so as to ensure safety of the CBA workers, as well as safety of users of the facilities.

1. General Requirements

• Maintenance of the safety distance established by the authorities in each moment.
• Daily ventilation of the different areas.
• Disposal of hand sanitizer in all facilities of the building.

2. Protection measures for reception

For staff members:

• Glass panels will be installed in reception desks so as to increase safety.
• Personal Protective Equipment shall be provided to all staff members interacting with the public, including: FFP2 mask, nitrile gloves and protective screen.

For the public:

• Access to the building shall be made through the street control post, bearing in mind that safety distance between people (or family units) shall be at least two meters. Safety distance shall be marked by signs placed on the floor and a written text.

• Written signs shall also be installed in the following spaces:

– Main hall prior to the elevator and twin elevators.
– Rooftop locker.
– Reception.
– Bathrooms on the 5th floor and roof terrace. – Entrance to the elevator on the roof.

At the main entrance, people should prevent gathering in groups while waiting for the elevator so as not to overload the space and guarantee the safety distance.

• The use of a mask is mandatory inside the facilities at all times. Posters shall be placed at the entrance.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers shall be installed in the following spaces:

– Reception desk
– Exit of the bathrooms in the main hall.
– Forklift and twin lifts.
– Exit of the bathroom on the 5th floor.
– Exit of the rooftop bathrooms.
– Main rooftop bar.
– Entrance to the elevator on the roof.
– Food court.
– Food court working area and bar.
– Kitchen.

Signs indicating where dispensers are available will be placed on each dispenser.

• Hygiene measures are implemented in the access to the building with the installation of disinfectant mats, so each person entering the facilities shall disinfect the footwear.
• Bathrooms may be used by one person of each gender at a time.
• Elevators will be used subject to the following:

– Forklifts: capacity of four people, one in each corner, or the same family unit group with a maximum of ten people.
– Twin elevators: capacity of one person or the same family unit group, with a maximum of four people.
– Rest of CBA elevators: one person on each trip

• Cleaning and disinfection of common areas, bathrooms and elevators shall be reinforced.
• The exit of the public from the roof will be carried out both by the forklift and by the emergency staircase to the 5th floor, where people can either take the main staircase or the twin lifts.
Users shall be advised to preferably go down the main staircase in order to relieve the use of the lifts and also to go up faster.
• An assistant or a CBA worker shall be available at the control post of the 5th floor in order to manage the flows of people going up the twin lifts and those going down the main staircase.
• Continuous cleaning of elevator buttons and vending machines

3. Cleaning requirements
• Increase in the cleaning frequency and continuous revisions in the areas of greatest contact (door knobs, sinks, taps, handles, lifts, keys …).1